How to keep the tarpaulins of your buildings and tents clean

How to keep the tarpaulins of your buildings and tents clean: The big advantage in the maintenance of the tents and the removable industrial buildings is that they do not need to be painted. The materials with which a removable structure can be covered are very varied and have great aesthetic qualities.

PVC tarpaulins

And one of the most widely used materials in this sector is PVC tarpaulins. An architectural product of great flexibility and resistance, ideal for creating and covering structures, whether conventional or new. Optimal for printing any type of decorative element or complete image, no matter its size.

In addition, they are highly valued for their resistance to weather phenomena and UV rays, the protection they offer against humidity and the appearance of fungus, their great thermal stability, their low electrical transmissibility and their slow flammability.


Their useful life is around 20 years, depending on the use they are given and how exposed they are to bad weather. In any case, the minimum time that PVC tarpaulins are kept in an optimal state, whatever the circumstances, is 10 years, however, the life of any PVC tarpaulin can be extended if it is kept properly cleaned.

Optimiza costes con el mantenimiento de tus lonas industriales

Not only does it make it look better

Keeping the tarpaulins clean not only makes the shed look better, it also allows the external light to better illuminate the internal space, thereby reducing electricity consumption. But cleaning also removes any harmful or damaging elements that may have accumulated on the surface, thus also preventing damage and breakage.

A waxing coat, after cleaning, will give the canvas a higher gloss, a better finish and a protective filter that will improve its performance.

Tent washing machine

Of course, when it comes to PVC tarpaulins for tents and industrial buildings, hand washing is not a very viable option. In these cases, it is advisable to use a tarpaulin washing machine CAVALLTEC , specially designed for the optimum washing and maintenance of this type of large tarpaulin. One of the most efficient washing machines in the world, due to its low cost and excellent performance.