Optimising costs with the maintenance of your industrial tents

Optimising costs with the maintenance of your industrial tents: t’s the challenge every sector encounters: offering the highest quality and best results while keeping costs low. The same is true for the sector of removable industrial tents and units.

How do we optimise prices while offering the same material quality and finish?0 Simple: by reusing the material. Of course, the material that we reuse must be intact and perfectly preserved.

It’s uncommon for us to encounter problems with the internal elements, only in exceptional circumstances, as they are protected and retain their properties for a long time.

The problem we have is particularly with the covers and lateral enclosures. This material is constantly exposed to external elements, the weather and pollution. Most of the time, the tarpaulins we use retain all their properties intact, however, the aesthetic aspect deteriorates and loses its colour and shine. They need a deep clean.

Two models of large tarpaulin washers

Does investing in a system to clean tarpaulins really allow to keep costs low? It depends on the system used.

At CAVALLTEC, we have different models depending on the volume of tarpaulins that need cleaning. In reality, either of these are more than optimal solutions to make your activity profitable, since both the Easy and Pro versions wash and dry in only 20 minutes. They only need a small working space, have low-energy consumption in comparison to other canvas cleaning systems and only need two operators to function. 

By diversifying the two models we can adjust the costs even more for each company. Therefore, if the volume of your tarpaulins is small, you can use the CAVALLTEC Easy model. It’s quick to install and allows you to regulate the washing time and the use of soap. However, if you have a large quantity of tarpaulins that need washing, CAVALLTEC PRO includes a system that allows you to monitor the washing, with a highly-efficient, double turbine mechanism, the possibility to remove the tarpaulins from the rear or the front and a waxing system to obtain an excellent finish after the cleaning process.

At VALL we created CAVALLTEC to optimise our production costs. Hence, for the past 20 years we have been supplying just that to manufacturers and industrial tent assemblers to extend the life span of all tents. This in turn, creates a more sustainable and efficient market for all.